The World 's Tallest Skyscraper And Man Made Islands

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Intro Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates and quite possibly the most famous of all Arabian metropolises. This fame has arisen from the city’s great oil wealth; from the massive construction projects that have resulted - including the world’s tallest skyscraper and man-made islands; from the reputation for excess among Dubai’s young and wealthy; and from the large numbers of expats attracted to Dubai by the prospect of sharing in the city’s prosperity. But there’s more to Dubai than simply oil revenue. The westernisation of the emirate’s economy has created much diversification. Today’s new arrivals are as likely to find themselves employed in tourism, financial services or real estate as in energy or construction. They…show more content…
Expats from other Arab countries tend to get most bilingual jobs, but learning Arabic will definitely be an asset. Recruiters are the way to go for most jobs, but applying on company websites is also worth a shot. The oil and gas industry is well-paid. Major employers in this sector are ENOC and Schlumberger. Aviation and aerospace is another large industry requiring skilled workers. Emirates, the official airline of Dubai, is a major employer for expat pilots and flights staff, as well as supporting industries. Dubai is currently developing the infrastructure to go to Mars, so this area is really booming. This industry is particularly welcoming to bilingual or trilingual workers due to the wide variety of people coming through the region. Due to the large number of families living in Dubai, education is a booming sector. There are over 100 private schools in Dubai, with more opening every year to meet demand. Teachers and administrators make much more than in their home countries, and benefits often include free education for children. Some prominent private schools include GEMS schools (both British and American curriculum), Dubai British School, and the American School of Dubai. Living Costs Living costs in Dubai are similar to other large cities worldwide, though with the accommodation generally provided, expats in the city find themselves with quite a

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