The World 's Third Largest Economy And An Emerging Economy Under The Bric Classification

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Executive Summary
Brazil is currently the world 's seventh largest economy and is labeled an emerging economy under the BRIC classification. Over the past years they had large opportunities for growth but lack of investment in public education and income inequality has caused the country to have slower growth than its closest economic peer, China. Income inequality and education inequality affects the Black or mixed-raced Brasilians the most. These two issues then translate to other problems effecting the economy such as increased violence and a major prison population compared to its Latin American peers.The evaluation criteria for research on the education system will be effectiveness, cost, feasibility, and justice. The policy proposal will need to be more effective, raise the GDP higher than the status quo, and have more underrepresented students graduate from universities. Feasibility will be emphasized in the new proposal. There are many who argue the new education system is giving an unfair advantage for Afro-Brazilians, the proposed policy proposal will highlight the beneficiaries as the country benefiting as a whole.

Define the Problem
With a growing county and middle class, Brazil is currently the world’s seventh largest economy. Twenty years ago, Brazil listed a GDP of 768 Billion, while China listed 728 Billion. Although they were very similar in GDP, Brazil grew at an average of 108% a year while China grew 115% on average each year (World Bank, see table 1).…
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