The World 's Urban Population

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1 Introduction background From 2011 to 2050 it is expected that the world urban population is rise from 7.4 billion to 9 billon. Much of this will be in the cities of developing and less developing countries (World Urbanization Prospects the 2011 Revision, 2012). Therefore maximum of the development will happen in Asia and Africa. Population will be living in urban areas by 2020 and 2035 respectively. It is forecast that the world’s urban population will grow by 1.4 billion during the period of 2011 and 2030. China will be Share 276 million and India be 218 million in this increment. India will account for slightly over 15.5% of increase the world urban population (World Urbanization Prospects the 2011 Revision, 2012). Urban population is growing and that are going to be face problem like congestion and pollution. India contribute 6% of world Road accidents and 10% of world road death rate. More than the 1.41 lakh people die in road accidents and more than 1 million deadly road accident take place every year. They are mostly of pedestrians or cyclist. For them there is hardly devoted space on road (Jain, 2014). Indian cities are urbanizing and population is increasing 280 million in 2001 and 590 million by 2030 probably. Motor vehicle population in India has increase by 100 times from 1951 to 2004, while the road network as expended only 8 times. This has caused huge strain on the urban transport infrastructure, which is already of overcapacity coupled with problems of
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