The Worldly Mindset Focus Paper

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The Worldly Mindset GM 504-01 Introduction Today’s business world is becoming increasingly globalized. For managers, it is important to develop their worldly mindset to effectively manage teams. There are several ways that worldliness supports and facilitates organizational effectiveness and change skills. The Worldly Mindset The worldly mindset as described by Gosling and Mintzberg (2003) focuses on managing context. “To manage context is to manage on the edges, between the organization and the various worlds that surround it - cultures, industries, companies.” (Gosling and Mintzberg, 2003, 59) The worldly mindset involves getting into worlds outside one’s own. They contend that worldly…show more content…
The worldly mindset aligns well with the interactive management style. According to Gosling and Mintzberg (2003), the worldly mindset is about managing context. The interactive management style works to understand the current context through situational analysis, and then manage moving to the desired context through the use of the other phases. Future planning is another critical organizational factor for business performance. “Opportunities often come through innovation and a new way of viewing the marketplace – seeing the market from the perspective of those who can change the competitive terrain.” (Bruner, 2003, 10) Bruner argues that the goal of management is to see the future before it arrives, and offers scenario planning as a means for this, where leaders identify key decisions or focal issues, environmental factors that influence the success or failure of the decision, as well as driving forces or trends that influence the environmental forces. They rank the forces by importance and uncertainty to specify possible scenarios, and then examine how well the decision would perform in each given scenario. “Far from being uniform, this world is made up of all kinds of worlds.” (Gosling and Mintzberg, 2003, 58) The worldly manager recognizes this fact and
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