The World's Fair At The Columbian Exposition

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Classical architecture, ferris wheels, 1500 pound chocolate bars. These new, unheard of attractions at the Columbian Exposition attracted millions of unsuspecting, innocent guests to the preying ground of the narcissistic Dr. H. H. Holmes. Chicago, Illinois, the host of the 1983 World’s Fair, was home to this sadistic serial killer who attracted his prey using his education and occupation as a means to gain trust from new, unsuspecting travelers from the 46 nations who participated in the exposition. For three years, Chicago prepared for the exposition, building new architecture and creating new inventions to celebrate the 400 year anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of America; the doctor had the same idea, and so he built his own “Castle” with strange, personal gadgets attached. The presence of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago gave Dr. Holmes a means to cunningly lure victims into his death chamber of a home. holmes background
Dr. Holmes was an infamous con artist and serial killer. Born as Herman Mudgett, Dr. Holmes, experimented on pets and other common forest animals. He tortured these animals, dissecting them while they were still alive, practicing and increasing his knowledge on how long a living animal could survive with the excruciating pain deriving from Henry’s torture. As an adult, Henry documented in his autobiography that while visiting his doctor as a child, older boys would shove human display skeletons in his way, terrifying him. Therapists and the…
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