The World's Greatest Success Story

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Samsung is perhaps the world’s greatest success story. Started in 1938 in Taegu, Korea by Lee Byung Chul, Samsung has sprouted from a small company under Japanese rule, into the one of the world’s leaders in technology and innovation. It is a result of the Confucian principles embraced by the company and its presidents and executive decisions and eagerness to adapt to the rapidly changing world. Principles including leading honorably and with strength, emphasising the ruler subject relationship, Chun-tzu, making personal relationships a priority in a business setting, in addition to keeping accordance with Jen,a warm heartedness and compassion that allows to one to want to better humanity (Lander). In addition to Confucianism, Samsung has learned to innovate, create demand, and learn from other companies’ successes and failures. With this combination of old world Confucian principles and the ability to diversify and evolve, Samsung has experienced intense growth and success, beating out Apple and Panasonic and gaining a foothold in the digital age(Park and Barjot). According to Park and Barjot, Samsung’s success came from two areas: Confucian ethics instilled into Samsung’s workforce and strong executive leadership, specifically Lee Byung Chul and to a lesser degree Kun Hee Lee. Lee Byung Chul,the founder of Samsung, came from an upper class family of landlord and due to this, Lee was able to receive a strong Confucian education in his youth, which taught him
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