The World's Largest Eyewear Company

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For the final project I have chosen the world 's largest eyewear company, Luxottica. After graduation, I potentially would like to work for Luxottica in their human resources department as a human resources coordinator. This project researches a plan into successfully negotiating my career track at Luxottica, it will examine contextual influences, the communicatory processes, negotiation expectations, and communicatory responses. Early negotiations in careers are vital, the outcome of early negotiations determine the long-term financial well-being, overall career path, and the way employers view you from the very start. Therefore, by analyzing negotiations within Luxottica it will enable me to better understand the negotiation context in…show more content…
Literature Review The significance of early negotiations in careers is that it controls the outcome of a person’s well-being at the company, the overall career path as well as the way other employers view the person from day one. In a study by Curhan, Elfenbein, & Kilduff (2009), focuses on the effects of job offer negotiations on employees’ succeeding levels of satisfaction and intentions to remain at the company. Furthermore, the researchers compare the corresponding predictive strengths of two different types of negotiation particularly, employees’ subjective evaluations of their job offer negotiations versus their financial outcomes achieved. The researchers “sampled MBA graduates who negotiated their full-time job offers and examined their subjective negotiation experience and tangible concessions as predictors of their job satisfaction, compensation satisfaction, and intention to remain within their organizations 1 year later” (p 525). The findings from this research study conclude that the subjective value incoming employees achieved during their first job negotiation significantly correlates with compensation satisfaction. Furthermore, early negotiation in careers is significant in determining the future level of success at the company. In addition, people value opinions on the people who they value so if the company values the person they will value the company. A study was done that determined that about half of new hired employees
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