The World's Largest Solar Collectors And Energy Storage System

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We have many different kind of energy source in our world and the ocean is a big part of one of thought energy source. The ocean makes up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface and it collects a lot of sun’s heat and energy. This will make it the “world’s largest solar collectors and energy storage system” and the Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) will probably seems like a great tool to have [7]. This energy source works is by using the solar energy collected from the sun by the ocean and converting that energy into electric energy. The OTEC uses the warm ocean water that was heated up from the sun (around 77 degrees Fahrenheit) to vaporize a working fluid with a low boiling point. The working fluid expands and spins a generator, creating electricity. From there, the vapor is then cooled down from the cold ocean water (around 41 degrees Fahrenheit) that is pumped up from the deep parts of the ocean layer. This cause the vapor to turn back into the working fluid from before and condenses back into a liquid. Because of this, the whole system is reusable and is a continually electricity generating cycle [7]. This is only one type out of three OTEC systems, known as closed-cycle system. The other two systems will be explain later on in the paper. This paper will explain different aspects of the OTEC systems, from the different types that are currently being used to the costs and environmental effect to the pros and cons of the OTEC systems. In OTEC, there are three different

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