The World's Oldest Profession

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Here is a story about a girl who is a17 year old senior in high school who begins to chat with a guy on line. One day the as teen usually do get in an argument with her mom. The young girl who decides to leave home and move with the guy she has only communicated by chat line. The very first meeting the guy takes her to a motel in which he pimps her out to more than 30 guys. For 3 years the young girl who now is given drugs to make sure her customers are satisfied is beating, burned, and lock in a closet daily. Eventually she is saved three states away from her pimp by police. This story is very similar to many stories about how victims are taken into this terrible lifestyle. In today’s society, sex sells. There are many factors that are making sex a commodity that can be bought or sold. There is a quote that states “Prostitution is the world 's oldest profession”. Some find this statement true but there are many advocates groups who are fighting to end this profession. In this paper we will explore the history, the business side, the players who are involve in the world of prostitution and how it is related to sex trafficking. Also the different factors that are involve and how the government trying defeat this epidemic.
Pipeline to prostitution
Bring awareness, provide the true facts of prostitution, the lasting effects and give the victims a voice.
Prostitution is not as easily defined in today’s society. The meaning behind the term has evolved over the
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