The World's Population Will Face A Severe Shortage Of Water

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Case Summary
According to research conducted by the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of the world’s population will face a severe shortage of water by 2025(Shaw & Barry, 2014, pg. 131). Some countries have begun to prepare early by importing tankers of water from other countries. The State of Michigan; however, is not as concerned about the shortage due to having over 11,000 lakes including the Great Lakes. Due to the vast amount of water sources, Nestle has built a bottled water plant in Mecosta County, Michigan. The new plant has cost Nestle over 100 million dollars and has caused much controversy with locals. Nestle had built a 12 mile pipeline from the plant to a local spring.
Many organizations in Michigan saw this as a huge threat to water conservation and later had resorted to suing Nestle. Lawyers from organizations such as, Michigan’s Citizens for Water Conservation and Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians had claimed that due to reasonable use and a treaty from 1836, the land was protected from misuse of transportation of water. Michigan state judge, Lawrence Root, had bought the argument and had upheld the lawsuit. “Ruling that the environment is at risk no matter how much water Nestle draws out, he ordered the pumps turned off”(Barry, 2014, pg. 132).
Around two years later the case had been appealed and sent back to the appellate court to be revised. The court had entered Nestle into an agreement that they would not pump more than 250 gallons…

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