The Worst Coping Strategies

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I placed each of these coping strategies where they are because these are what I believe are some of the best and some of the worst coping strategies. I placed pray at the top because it is often one of the first things that I do when I am stressed. Exercising is also incredibly helpful when I am stressed. It is relaxing and allows for me to take my mind off of the stressful circumstance for a short time. This is related to getting fresh air if exercise is done outside. Socializing is also helpful. Though socializing, one could possibly find some support from another individual. Socializing Is related to expressing gratitude. The transition from good to bad takes place from number five to number six. There are much worse things than eating your stress away, but it probably isn’t the best thing to do when you are stressed out. Dwelling on the negative, isolating yourself from others and completely ignoring the problem can only make things worse. I placed drugs and alcohol as the worst because those can lead to a life of addiction. Those activities can completely ruin one’s life and are not short term.…show more content…
It was a little bit difficult transition from the good to the bad, but overall there was no problem. I have a lot of stress in my life being a senior in my final semester of high school. Many of these things are what I do when I am stressed which made this easier to complete. The items listed at the bottom of the list I have either never done, or very seldom do. I know that these are not effective and that is why I placed them at the bottom. I was able to complete this assignment using my real world experiences of being
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