The Worst Day Of My Life

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The worst day of our lives had just been thrown at us. Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Nevayah and Lola, and this is the story of the move that broke our friendship apart. Let’s start at the beginning. Nevayah “Wake up! It’s the first day of school, and you’re already late!” mom screamed. I slowly got out of bed. Today would be the day I tell Lola I’m moving, the worst day of my life. She suspected something was up, but then again, I’ve been keeping this from her for a month already and my last day is september 6th, 3 weeks from today. Mom insisted that I go to the first day of school just so I “don’t miss any learning opportunities” and so I can say goodbye to my friends. She doesn’t understand that you don’t learn anything…show more content…
Upset, I ran to school. But the problem was, I couldn’t focus on anything! There was no way I was going to tell her at school, so I had to wait. All day I could only think about telling Lola. I sent a text to her in class asking if we could talk, but she never replied. So I went to lunch and sat by myself, thinking maybe she would join me. Lola I was sitting in my fourth period class when I got a text from Nevayah saying, “Can we talk after school? ” I was a little on edge to see what she had to say, so I just left her on read. When the bell rang I got up and went to lunch, Nevayah didn’t sit with me though which was kinda weird but whatever. The day went fast after lunch and finally it was time to go home. I walked outside and there Nevayah was sitting on the step waiting on me. Nevayah School finally got out, so I went out in the warm August breeze and sat down on the steps to wait for Lola. A ton of people were coming, so I didn’t notice her until someone sat down beside me. “H-hey.” I stammered. I didn’t really know what to say to her. I wanted to avoid hurting her. “Um, hey…” she replied. I quickly told her, “I need to tell you something.” She just stared at me waiting for my reply. “I’m moving…” “What?” she mumbled with tears forming in her eyes. I looked away, I couldn’t face her, especially since I knew I hurt her. Lola She just told me that she was moving, how could she just leave me here alone with no one to

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