The Worst Famine in Recorded History

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The worst famine in recorded history combined with mass killings of innocent people occurred in Cambodia as the result of the Khmer Rouge’s reign. Stripping their citizens of all modern technologies and practices, as well as killing all ethnic minorities and intellectuals destroyed Cambodian culture. Innocent people were killed on the basis that they may possibly be enemies of the state, although rarely was there evidence proving these millions of Cambodians were enemies at all. From 1975 to 1979 the Khmer Rouge was in power in Cambodia, and in that time around twenty percent of Cambodians died in their extreme communist society. Before the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia was becoming increasingly unstable after suffering war and an unstable…show more content…
One such academic was Pol Pot, who joined the French Communist party and brought communist values back to Cambodia.
Around the same time, the Vietnam War began adjacent to Cambodia between communist North Vietnam and anti-communist South Vietnam, who were allied with the United States. North Vietnam sent supplies to their guerilla army in South Vietnam by way of the Ho Chi Minh trail which passed through Cambodia. So, United States president Richard Nixon and his advisor Kissinger decided to secretly bomb the Ho Chi Minh trail in Cambodia to cut off supplies for North Vietnam forces. However, the bombing mainly affected Cambodia and had disastrous results, as it destroyed much of the agricultural areas in Cambodia.
The United States was anti-communist, and also decided to replace Cambodia’s leader, the socialist Prince Sihanouk, with Marshal Lon Nol who served as a puppet leader for the United States. This action sparked a civil war in Cambodia, the communist Khmer Rouge group and Prince Sihanouk fighting against United States forces and Lon Nol’s army. In 1973, bombing of Cambodia was the worst when the United States dropped a half million tons of bombs on Cambodia which killed 300,000 people. Therefore, Cambodians who resented the bombings, mainly agriculturalists and people who lived on the countryside where the majority of the

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