The Worst Mistake Of My Life

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Ten years ago I made the worst mistake of my life. Trust me, mistakes are something as common in my life as seeing the sun probably is in yours. This mistake was not like any other, it cost me my life and my sanity. Ten years and seventeen days earlier. The day started out like any other normal day. Well at least as normal as it gets for me. The guard of my prison block in the solitary confinement unit at ADX Florence had brought me my breakfast. The food was bland and unappetizing but with a little creativity, I could make it taste slightly closer to food found at a low quality fast food restaurant. “Prisoner 73627-018, get your meal now!” the guard hollered in a way that someone would yell at a dog. I took my time getting off my cot just to get under his skin. I knew that he did not appreciate my defiance as soon as he yelled at using my name. “Briggs, get off your cot now! Unless you don’t want you meal?” While having a person refer to you by your last name may seem like a situation that would not arise concern, for me this was. This particular guard, whom we prisoners referred to as Officer Bluford, was one of the toughest at my prison. He also happened to have some of the most influence. I replied, “Yes Officer Bluford,” with the most respectful tone I could muster, “I just need a second to open that food slot.” The food slot was just large enough that if I wanted to, I could look through and see almost all of who was waiting. Well, except for the face. That part was too high up for me to see. Also, I do not understand why those guards think that they are important enough to talk down to us. Just because they are some goody-two-shoes and we’re felons don’t mean that they can treat us like that. Living my life, or at least the majority of it, in prison is and also will be something that scares me. You never know who will turn their back on you. As of now, at least eight inmates that I was cellmates with were made “disappear”. I suspected that Dante was behind this, and is out to get me next.
Everything that had happened to me was all because of Dante Malone. He and I were in the same gang, known as the Scorpions and were both well known hitman. A hit was put out on a gang member’s

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