The Worst Thing For A Person With Experience During Their Grieving Process

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The worst thing for a person to experience during their grieving process, is interaction with a person who lacks empathy for their situation. According to Cummins, a grieving individual expects people close to them to have the ability to offer comfort and understanding during a difficult time, such as the death of a loved one. It is often not discovered until tragedy strikes that those who are considered close to the bereaved, are not able to offer the comfort they are seeking. Individuals who show avoidance, and even hostility towards a person grieving can be known to lack empathy. Experiencing this type of interaction with someone considered a close friend can cause resentment in the relationship, and the grieving individual is often…show more content…
Grainger explains that it is very important to take care of our basic needs during the grieving process, and during this time it is perfectly acceptable, even necessary, to put our needs above the needs of others (Grainger, 1990). Although we do not think of human suffering as beneficial, especially while in the midst of it, research concludes otherwise. Hurst suggests that individuals can learn important life lessons as a result of their suffering. The first benefit we can learn when suffering from loss is that life is precious. Although we may wish we would have said things or did things in the past prior to losing a loved one, knowing the feeling of regret can push us to do better, and to be better. We can take the suffering and make something positive out of it, and learn from our mistakes (Hurst, 2015). Knowing that life is precious, experiencing grief makes us realize that we need to always let people know how we feel, and never let anything go unsaid. Hurst states, “Whether you are angry at the person that you love, have unresolved issues, need their forgiveness or forget to tell them exactly how much you love them – make sure you say it today. You never know when you may lose the opportunity to do so (Hurst, 2015).” We tend to get caught up in life, and forget to connect with those who are the most important to us. We even need to mend relationships that have been damaged, often over things that are not as important as the friendship

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