The Worst Time Of My Life

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Tissues boxes, and powerade bottles cover my floor as I lie in my bed wishing it would be over. It hurts to move and even worse when I try to lay on my left side, I hate having to bear through the pain but, I had no choice. Most kids would like to stay home from school every once in a while maybe because they don’t want to go to school or because they’re sick. Some would pay to be sick and stay home a day or two but, me on the other hand I can’t just stay a day or two; I usually stay weeks because I always have it bad but this year had to be the worst time of my life. Every year it would always come in the winter time, the worst time to be sick honestly. The coughing always comes first I usually don’t think nothing of it but then I receive a stuffy nose that finds its way to make me sneeze and sound congested. However, the last time I got sick was a little bit more than an average cold. It was Late January early February, I started to get the simple signs of a cold right after basketball season. I stayed home just one day since my body started to ache with every moment I made. I went back to school but my health was just getting worse and worse every day I went to school. After that my mom thought it was probably the flu or maybe strep throat so I went to the doctor that following week hoping we could get the answer to our questions. When I went to the doctors they called me back so they could run all the possible test of viruses I could possibly have. They ran two tests
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