The Worth of a Demi-God

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In a group of bizarre, costumed crime-fighters, Dr. Manhattan must be put in his own category. Partly due to the facts that he neither fights crime nor wears a costume. But what truly sets him apart in this fantastic tale of superheroes is that he is the only character with superhuman powers. From the onset, we are given immediate clues that Dr. Manhattan is no ordinary character. His extreme powers tell us he is not like the rest of the superheroes. Before he utters a single word, his blue-ish color suggests his cold attitudes; his pupil-less eyes tell us that he sees things differently. The sum of the parts indicate that he is hardly human at all. He serves as a polar opposite to Rorschach who acts impulsively to defend…show more content…
We admire and revere innovators like Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison, as well as the technological leaps brought by the Industrial Revolution and the assembly line. So it is not surprising that Dr. Manhattan's seemingly limitless abilities cause many to question whether Dr. Manhattan is a god - or even 'the' God. This fusion of science and religion cannot be overstated. Despite denying his own deity, Dr. Manhattan himself suggests that he could be a supreme being when at the end of the story he declares that he is "leaving this galaxy for one less complicated... Perhaps I'll create some [life]" (Moore, Vol 12 Page 27). We do not know if he succeeds at mirroring the efforts of God. But the very fact that we wonder if he could indicates that science is the new god. We are a nation obsessed with doing more in less time: we worship productivity and efficiency. The word "workaholic" suggests an addictive compulsion to constant productivity. Yet American society sees it not as a vice or an escape like any other addiction, but an ideal to strive for. We want workaholics on our team to ensure success, yet we are apathetic to the toll it takes on their personal lives. Dr. Manhattan takes this idea to the extreme, as he is a slave to his research, working round the clock and requiring no food or sleep. As his relationship with Laurie Jupiter
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