The Wrestling Of Amateur Wrestling

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First traces of local wrestling was 5 thousand years ago, during the Sumerians era. It was also reported that they fought with music There are also archaeological evidence that there was also wrestling in Ancient Egypt. This is were the first evidence of wrestling rules and refereeing. The Greek were the next to use wrestling, they used it more as a science and art. The athletes wrestled naked, covered in olive oil. This is the first representation of amateur wrestling we see today, as matches wee won when one competitor was sent down onto his back, hips, chest, keen or elbows. This was the first regional diffusion of wrestling as it spread across Greece as competitions were held all across the country. Amateur wrestling was one of the…show more content…
During the Middle Ages and Renaissance wrestle was only done among the elite members, mainly in castles. The printing press was created in 1500, in 1512 the first wrestling manual was formed, it included how to make holds, rules, and it was in colour. The printing press allowed the manual to be spread all across Europe, amongst the rich. It has been documented that King Francis I beat King Henry VIII of England in a wrestling match in 1520, at the Field of the Cloth of Gold. Since then amateur wrestling has diffused to the USA, where it is a highly competitive sport in High school and college. Similarly it diffused to Russia and become a highly played sport. With the 1st national wrestling tournament occurring in the USA, New York City on 1888, and Saint Louis, MO is host to the first wrestling competition of our modern Olympic Games (1904). A reason why USA is one of the most dominant forces in wrestling is because it become the national body of Amateur Wrestling in 1983. Wrestling has diffused to Australia at a national scale, firstly in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). It has since spread across Australia to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and more locally Perth. With wrestling schools in all the capital cities, with at least one school linked to the Australian government. The an example of local diffusion of wrestling is the Westling Western Australia (figure 1.0), which is
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