The Wretched Of The Earth

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The Wretched of the Earth is a fantastic book about the colonization in Algeria and Africa in general, the process of decolonization, and some of the psychological effects it has on its victims. This book has its good attributes and then it has some very interesting attributes that will be discussed in this paper, section by section. It was a very enjoyable book that made me think about colonization and decolonization in a very different light. The first section of the book was about violence. I thought this was one of the most interesting sections in the entire book. When you think about colonization in general, the average person would not think about pure violence. They would more or less just think about a powerful country coming into a less powerful country and that’s that. But as we have even talked about in class, that is not the case. Then when we think about decolonization, one would think that the colonizers just decided their job was done and they leave, with the country now free and independent. But again, that is not the case. This section gives us a new perspective on both of those subjects and how violence plays a huge part. Fanon says that since violence was what started the colonization process, violence is the only option to be decolonized. It is not the colonizers that need to be violent this time, he says, the people of that country’s only way to be free of them and have any chance of a better country is to have a full on revolution. After you wrap your
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