The Wretched Of The Earth

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Political Resistance
According to “The Wretched of the Earth,” violence becomes the only approach to help the colonized people to achieve self-defined identity and national consciousness (Blecker, 2013). When the colonials commanded Hong Kong people to maintain where colonialism has assigned them, Hong Kong resisted instead of following the order. There were two symbolic movements that reflected Hong Kongers’ discontent with British and Chinese governments’ policies.
The movement that conveyed Hong Kong people’s discontent with the British colonial government is the Hong Kong Leftist riots in 1967. After the breakout of the Cultural Revolution in China, pro-communist leftists in Hong Kong actively found opportunities to cause conflicts against the colonial government. The labor disputes at the Hong Kong Artificial Flower Factory were a perfect time to instigate Hong Kong people to oppose its colonial government. Along with the success of leftists demonstrations in Macau and Hong Kong’s social conflicts stemmed from poor working conditions, the disputes developed into large-scale demonstrations against British colonial rule. Many pro-communist demonstrators shouted Mao’s slogans with Little Red Books held in their hands. At the end of the demonstrations without the supports of Hong Kong citizens, the riots failed and were discontinued by the first Premier of the People 's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai.
The riots evoked Hong Kong people’s awareness for their local
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