The Wright Brothers And The First Flight

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n Dr. Amentrout’s lecture he discussed the process of scientific discovery, using the Wright Brothers and their journey to the “first flight”. Along, with the Wright Brothers, he used four other aeronautics pioneers. Dr. Amentorut described the process in five simple steps: 1. Go with your passion 2. Be willing 3. Learn what has been done before 4. Let the ideas flow 5. Don’t give up when the unexpected happens. The Wright brothers spark for aviation began in 1878, Wilbur, the oldest at eleven years old and Orville, seven, when their father gave them a toy helicopter. It sparked them to take it apart and remake it better than it was before they took it apart. Like many other successful people, but not all, the Wright brothers did not go to college. Even though Wilbur was accepted into Yale, he decided not to go because he had his teeth knocked out a few weeks prior. This was his set back, being that he really wanted to go. Despite this setback, in 1892, Wilbur started his bicycle business, manufacturing and producing bikes. He designed and hand made them himself. He went with his passion that he found at the age of eleven, creating and designing. Wilbur Wright was also willing to try something different, and go a different route. When the Wright brothers decided to aim for the first flight, flight in general, they looked back at previous work of those before them. Conclusions made from literature about the problem of mechanics and human flight states, that
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