The Wright Brothers, The Apollo Moon Mission, And The Challenger Space Shuttle

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Throughout history, many of mankind 's achievements were great, but few can compare to soaring up into the sky. From the first functioning plane, to commercial flight, to space travel, people have been innovating and creating so that one day, we can actually reach the stars. The Wright brothers, Amelia Earhart, the Boeing 747, the Apollo Moon Mission, and the Challenger Space Shuttle were all different people, objects , and events that contributed to people being able to get off the ground, into the air, and even further, into space. The Wright brothers were two men that greatly contributed to planes and flying today. Orville and Wilbur Wright were two aviation pioneers from America. With a background in engineering and inventing,…show more content…
Later in her life, she took lessons to learn how to fly planes. In 1922, she purchased “The Canary”. She set the world record for highest altitude as a female pilot at 14,000 feet. In 1928, Earhart went across the Atlantic Ocean to England. In 1937, she planned to do a flight around the world. Her first flight had some issues, so it was canceled. On July 2, 1937, Earhart attempted to fly around the world again. The flight was successful until it neared the end. Because of radio troubles, the people on the ground lost contact with the plane. After the plane vanished, several theories sprung up on what happened to the missing plane, and more importantly, the people on board. To conclude, Amelia Earhart followed her passion and flew in order to promote flight, inspire others, and to set records. The Boeing 747, also known as Jumbo Jet, is one of the most prominent and popular airplanes used in the past, and still flown today. When it was launched commercially in 1970, it was a public transportation breakthrough. This plane was built to transport mass amounts of people and cargo. The plane design had a passenger capacity world record for 37 years. With it several designs, the most recent being the Boeing 747-8F for passengers, the plane is versatile and has been used to this day, in airports around the world. The Boeing 747 was made by the Boeing company. It was thought up and

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