The Writing Of The Constitution And The 1850s

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Between the writing of the constitution and the 1850s, more than 70 years have passed. Growth of the United States landscape increased, division was created between the North and South, and the diminishing effectiveness of national unity promoted by the constitution became evident by the 1850s. The topic and the view of the constitution concerning slavery and other key points caused the people of the States to become more polarized in their views and grow apart. The constitution’s lack of representation caused sectional distaste and tension resulting in the failure of the union. During the mid-century America, Northerners believed in the preservation of the dissolvable union. During the framing of the constitution in 1787, concerns about leaving Britain and becoming a union were among the founding fathers opposed to the questioning issue of slavery. Henry Clay, Senate from Kentucky, created what is known as the Compromise of 1850 which could help give a solution to slavery in the territories (Doc A). It consisted of declaring California as a free state in exchange for the South not to place federal restriction on slavery in Utah and New Mexico. Texas received compensation of $10 million for the loss of its borders in New Mexico by Congress. Slavery remains in the nation’s capital, but slave trade prohibition had to be enforced. The compromise satisfied all the states, but did not have any indication of being included in the constitution. Therefore, the government had to
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