What I Learned In My Writing Class

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Reflecting back from the beginning of the semester, I can honestly say that I believed that I was already a really good writer. However, I have struggled with the thought of writing. Ever since I was little, I dreaded the thought of writing essays, but when it came down to get the job done I never struggled and always earned good grades. Up until around half way though this semester I still had this fear. I am thankful that this class has made me overcome the fear and thought of writing essays, even though when it was actually time for me to write them I did just fine. Throughout this semester I have mastered and learned the techniques of brainstorming, how to properly construct an outline, the different types of introductions, and much…show more content…
Something that has helped me a lot in the past was the concept of messy writing. I learned that I should create a word document on my laptop that no one will see and just ask questions that will help get the creative juices flowing. I also learned how to free write in this class. Free writing is great because it allows you to put down your initial thoughts on the topic without worrying about grammar, or spelling. You can just type away and get down all your thoughts, so later you can pull from that and have a plethora of sub-topics to choose from. Free writing helped me in my Truth Essay tremendously. It’s important to keep in mind that what makes it on the page is the very best of your writing skills, and a great way to accomplish that is to free write, and write down questions about the topic you have chosen. In today’s society finding true creditable sources are hard to come by. The media has its own way of twisting evidence to make readers believe that it’s true and reliable when in reality it’s based off of opinions and lies. During my years of school, I have continuously been told that Wikipedia was not a credible source, and that I wasn’t allowed to use it when researching my topics. This year I finally realized why. Sources play a significant role in the success of an essay. If you use unreliable sources, then your research paper is then deemed untrustworthy. Providing quotes and evidence makes your paper more
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