The Writings Of African American Women

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Writing is an escape, a way to challenge societal issues. It allows readers to gaze through the lens of the storytellers ( The writings of African-American women have showcased the triumph of the African-American community over adversity by exceeding their boundaries and limitations. Historically, African-Americans have used writing as a means of sharing their struggles and victories in a way that encourages survival and self-discovery. Countless African-American authors have influenced their culture with works, which highlight the struggle of what it means to be an African-American in both the past and present. These writers continue to grant their readers permission to use the experiences of their heritage, tribulations, triumphs, struggles their very lives as examples, influencing generations to come.
Phillis Wheatley served as a pioneer for the writings of all African American women. Wheatley was the first African-American to have a piece of work published in the New World ( This feat becomes seemingly more extraordinary when considering the rampant illiteracy in the slave community. However, according to, one day Wheatley was found by her master, writing on a wall. This gave him the initiative to give her an education where she would be able to learn to read and write. Phillis wrote poems about her elation of coming to the New World and her gratefulness to God that she was sent to the Wheatley’s where she could
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