The Writings Of Christopher Columbus

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The nature in which we live is truly a beautiful thing. When the Europeans first made contact in North America, they were immediately in love with the views they encountered. They were interested in wanting to know more about the land, the animals that peeked around, and the people who called it home. Artists such as, John White had heard the tales of what Christopher Columbus had described during his time in North America, which led to them wanting to make their own discoveries. Everyone had their own opinions and views of the world but artists were able to capture the natural images and feeling they had through their paintings.
Landscape paintings became of interest to artists as a way to depict nature, a man’s spiritual place in the world, and his relation to God. The paintings of nature became a way for artists to express themselves visually and spiritually, while also expanding what people could see, read, and feel. Landscape paintings helped to grow communities and expand western movement. There was an issue between tearing down and using the resources of nature to build communities and to increase material wealth.
Thomas Cole, an American artists who trained in Europe in landscape painting for a few years felt that America’s nature was the most beautiful to be seen. Cole depicted Native Americans in a few of his paintings. The landscape painting of Niagara Falls was one of Cole’s most notable works of art. People found very little interests in his religious…
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