The Writings Of John And The Dead Sea Scrolls Essay

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What is known about the authorship, setting, and date of this book? The author of this book is John the son of Zebedee, and one of the twelve disciples. The one who Jesus loved in his disciples. Also, he was a Galilean fisherman, and much of Jesus’ ministry was performed in Galilee. The date of this book was ranging from 40 C.E. to the middle of the second century. Many place it about 90 C.E. In the light of a comparative study of John and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Purpose or Context - Why was the book included in the Scriptures? The purpose of this book is to tell us to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through believing we will live an eternal life. This book tells us Jesus’ public ministry, private teaching to his disciples, his trial and crucifixion, and his resurrection appearances.

Comment on your understanding of what’s this book says about Jesus. You may want to include significant passages or key verses relating to issues of stewardship or power. Jesus came to this world to be our light and take away the sin of this world and whoever believe in him may live an eternal life. Jesus did a lot of miracles to show the world that he is the Messiah, the Son of God, but the world did not believe in him. His first miracle, he was at the wedding in Cana where he made water to become into wine. Second, he healed a son of royal official who was at the point of death, and royal official and his whole household believed in Jesus. Third, he healed a man
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