The Writings of Bharati Mukherjee

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The best kinds of novels are the ones where the author writes about his or her own personal experiences and transforms it into a story. Bharati Mukherjee does this, as she writes her novels based on the experiences in her early life, personal life, and the community that she lives or once lived in. Many of the events that Mukherjee has experienced affect the novels she has written. She writes about the difficulty of women from India immigrating to America in the late twentieth century and how these women must transform themselves in order to survive. Mukherjee has gone through this in her own life, and she is able to express through her novels that a person can have enough strength and courage to get through the worst times in life in order to figure out who they are as people. Strength, courage, and identity are majorly expressed themes in many of Bharati Mukherjee’s novels such as Desirable Daughters and Jasmine. Bharati Mukherjee’s early life became a major impact in her stories, because she would not have had the opportunity to come to America and change as a person if she had not read many books as a child and received a great education in England and India. Mukherjee wanted to be a writer at an early age, and her father allowed her to pursue her career by making a courageous decision for an Indian father and letting her move to the new world of America in order to study creative writing.“When I was growing up I lived in an extended family so that there were 40, 45
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