The Wrong Decision

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I wake up and all I can see Is blinding white light, I try to get up but my arms and legs are too weak so I just lay. I look around and all I can see is rubble, half destroyed buildings and dead bodies. After laying for what felt like hours I muster up the strength to get up, I walk down what once was a beautiful city street with awe inducing sky scrapers but has now been reduced to rubble. As I walk I scout the area for any alive people but I can’t seem to find anyone. I shout out “is anyone out there?” but to no response so I keep walking. For hours I just walk looking for people, like a mad man expecting that if I keep looking in the same places eventually someone will appear ….. But no one does, so I just keep walking. Eventually I become tired as the sun beings to fade so I just sit and lay back on a rock and look at the sky. Soon I dose off until suddenly I hear “are you alive, boy are you alive?!” and I wake up panting I look around and see a group of people surrounding me. An old man, a young father and his son, a women with blonde hair who appeared to be in her 30’s and a teen boy, I then see the old man sigh in relief “oh thank god, he’s alive” and then the young father hold his hand out to me and help pull me up. “What’s your name?’’ he asks “Ryan” I reply The old man walks over and holds my shoulder and points at the group and says “well Ryan let me introduce you to our little survival group. I'm James, this father over here is Alex and his son’s name is
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