The Wrong Direction

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Religion has convinced modern society to not only consider humanity’s well-being: what God wants and our place in either Heaven or Hell in the afterlife (Sutter). Religion, even though there are billions of followers, is based solely on what just a few important religious characters have said. For instance, Islam was started by a man named Mohammed, who communicated with God and became a prophet. Nobody saw him or the angel which visited Mohammed at this time, however, when Mohammed came down from the mountain where he was praying, and began to spread the message, people who had previously been polytheists converted to Mohammed’s new religion: Islam. Over the course of Mohammed’s life, as depicted in the movie “The Message”, many…show more content…
The second purpose of religion is to instill hope, such as the concept of an afterlife. When a Christian dies, others will believe that they will be able to see each other again when they die, based on the concept that there is a Heaven, where all Christians go (given they prayed for forgiveness and didn’t commit any high-level crimes, such as murder). However, if that person disobeyed the Christian rules, that person will go to Hell, an eternal damnation. This specific element of religion is one of the main reasons for joining a religion – the hope of Heaven for Christians, and similar environments in other religions. However, this isn’t the only way the hope of religion is used. When a religious individual prays, many times they will ask a favor of God, such as “Please God, let me get an A on this paper”, or “Please God, help me lose weight”. This is where I personally begin to have problems – rather than focusing on achieving something personally, such as studying and working hard on a paper, or going to the gym every day to lose weight, prayer is commonly used as a vehicle to hope that something will come true with virtually no work put in. Another example of this hope is if one has a headache and prays to God it will go away, there will be two outcomes: it goes away naturally, then God is celebrated by the individual as their savior, or the headache persists and the individual believes that God is simply testing one’s faith. I would
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