The Wrongful Convicction of Sally Clark

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A miscarriage of justice is when a person gets convicted and punished for a crime they didn’t commit. The criminal cases review commission is an independent public body that review possible miscarriages of justice and refer appropriate cases to the appeal courts. They try to bring justice to those that are wrongfully convicted and help improve/reform the law. Sally Clark was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her two sons. The death of her first child Christopher was ruled as a lung infection. When the second child Harry also died of SID’s the doctor examined the body and found signs that his death might have been the cause of shaking. This led to an investigation into the deaths of both children and even though there was no clear evidence to prove it, the doctor came to the conclusion that Christopher was smothered to death and Harry was shook to death. When in fact the cause of both their deaths was a lung infection. At the trail the jury was told that the chances of 2 babies from the same family dying of SID’s was 1 to 73 million. This statistic was “grossly misleading” because the jury wasn’t aware of how this was calculated, so they just assumed that it was correct and that dual cot deaths were extremely rare in a single family. After she did 3 years of her life sentence in prison her conviction was quashed on the basis that the medical evidence that could’ve cleared her was hidden. The discovery of the cot gene also helped in her

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