The Wrongful Conviction Of Wrongful Convictions

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Wrongful convictions
Every year, hundreds of people get convicted wrongly as a result of criminal proceedings that are rooted in miscarriage of justice. The defendants are convicted for crimes not committed where errors are not proven until their death or having served a lot of jail time. Wrongful convictions are fueled by false witnesses, incompetence of defense lawyers and inadequate evidence among others. However, with the emergence of forensic DNA in collection of evidence, the rate of wrongful convictions has decreased in the past few years. This paper focuses on the fallibilities that lead to miscarriage of justice and what role technology has played in correcting and mitigating the previously erroneous judicial system.

Many people continue to languish in jails all over the word while others have since faced capital punishment as a result of wrongful convictions. It is from this premise that innovation through DNA analysis has come to provide the much needed relief in correcting these errors. While there are many factors related to wrongful convictions, miscarriage of justice stands as the main culprit with many of these cases being faced with lack of conclusive or efficient investigations. There are several factors that come out as the main factors in contributing to miscarriage of justice such as false confessions, eyewitness misidentification, outdated evidence collection methods, snitches, incompetent lawyers and government misconduct among others.…

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