The Wrongs Of Woman By Mary Wollstonecraft

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Mary Wollstonecraft is hailed as a prominent figure in feminist history. Although viewed in her time as a controversial figure, her works since have been highly regarded amongst feminist historians. Throughout Mary’s life the literature she produced, she produced with societal issues in the forefront of her mind. Throughout her literature, Caroline Franklin explains: “The need for and loss of maternal love would become a recurring theme in Wollstonecraft’s fiction.” Wollstonecraft in her numerous publications has clearly provided evidence to show her thoughts and opinion on current matters varying from political to social. Her stance on women in regard to social standing, education and issues such as marriage seep out of her writings. Wollstonecraft’s second novel titled ‘The wrongs of woman’ contains the narrative from two women Maria and Jemima. The two women are from two different social standings. The interesting notion in the novel is that Maria who is of higher social standing provokes a reader to the thought she would live a better quality of life than Jemima her lower class assistant. This is not the case as both women despite their class and ‘wealth’ both have their respective problems in life. Although at first thought one would assume some form of wealth being from the upper classes, however whether intended or not, Wollstonecraft makes the reader come to the conclusion that no matter her class a woman will not have wealth, not alone anyway. The evidence for
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