The Wto 's Doha Round Of Trade Negotiations

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Explain the purpose behind the WTO’s Doha round of trade negotiations. Why has this round proved so difficult to conclude? What are the likely consequences for the world economy if the Doha round fails? Every day in shops we can find food which was produced all around the world and what is more we can easily buy them without having to go abroad. Above mentioned example is the result of the declining trade and investment barriers between countries. Nowadays, more and more countries decide for trade openness not only with countries which they share common borders but also with trading partners all around the world. It is crucial to write that above-mentioned situations can be feasible only when countries are willing to negotiate and…show more content…
When we go to a shop, we see that there are a lot of things that were produced for example in China. Cheap labour, natural resources and political regime make that the world economy is being more influenced by Third World countries. It is crucial to write, that rich countries should star helping poor countries in their economic development. Nevertheless, developing countries ought to be willing to cooperate with advanced countries. Otherwise, difference between developing countries and developed countries will be bigger and in result, in these countries there will be even more famine and poverty which will play a major role in the functioning of a country. Moreover, the Doha Round was also on talks on Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. The aim of the talks on TRIPS was to establish minimum level of protection of intellectual property rights which government has to assure owners of patents. (Gostin, 2014: 513). Above-mentioned negotiations are performed to make emerging countries more willing to support their technical development. What we can see, is that all the aims are ambitious and they can bring a lot of good but also a lot of bad. Hokeman and Mavroidis (2007: 23) stated that negotiations can be successful only when both sides of conversations will be satisfies with the effect.If the negotiations do not succeed then all deadlines will be missed. However, in practice it is not easy to achieve agreements, what we can see on the
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