The Wto 's Doha Round Of Trade Negotiations

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Explain the purpose behind the WTO’s Doha round of trade negotiations. Why has this round proved so difficult to conclude?
What are the likely consequences for the world economy if the Doha round fails?

Every day in shops we can find food which was produced all around the world and what is more we can easily buy them without having to go abroad. Above mentioned example is the result of the declining trade and investment barriers between countries.
Nowadays, more and more countries decide for trade openness not only with countries which they share common borders but also with trading partners all around the world.
It is crucial to write that above-mentioned situations can be feasible only when countries are willing to negotiate and develop common agreements thereby, this is important issue in international trade.
On the 14th of November 2001 in Doha, Qatar, members of the World Trade Organisation have started negotiations in aim to achieve consensus which will be referred to the most important problems in nowadays world economy. Deadline for these negotiations was established for the 1st of January 2005. To begin with, in this essay I am going to write what the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round is and explain the purpose behind it. Next, I will write why this round has proved so difficult to conclude.
To sum up, in this paper I will demonstrate likely consequences for the world economy if the Doha round fails.

First of all, it is crucial to write that the Doha…
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