The X Men Series, And Avengers : Age Of Ultron

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In today’s film culture, superhero films are very popular genre. Yet, woman are still objectified, over-sexualized, and given roles with little or no real merit within this genre. This has been shown since the beginning of the Wonder Woman comics and has progressed to the films we have today. Films like Supergirl, Catwoman, the Fantastic Four series, the X-Men series, and Avengers: Age of Ultron show these issues within our film culture. Their physical appearance, clothing, and sex appeal have more importance than the actual characters themselves. The first woman to be called a superhero, Wonder Woman, was created by William Marston to fight the troubling lack of woman superheroes in the 1940’s. Marston was a self-proclaimed feminist, yet had a great deal of strange ideals. To begin with, Marston did not believe feminism was about gender equality or fighting sexism in the world. Marston believed feminism was a temperance movement about how women were morally superior to men. He strongly believed woman were designed to fix men’s problems using love, compassion, and justice. Although deeply flawed, Marston believed it was his job to help others to realize the world needed to allow women to advance into leaders. The comics began to show a greater diversity in not only gender but also races and ethnicities. However, in 1947, Marston died of cancer at the age of 53, seven days shy of his 54th birthday. Due to this, many of his feministic ideas for Wonder Woman died as well.
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