The X : X Marks The Spot

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X-Men : X Marks The Spot These mutants were not human, but they worked together in perfection:"Flawed and complex, the mutant anti-heroes known as the X-men were the perfect comic-book champions for the disaffected youth of Generation X" (Wright 457). These mutants were both heroes and enemies to humanity. The X-men was formed by Professor Charles Xavier, who brought in those individual mutants. They all came together by choice not by force to all fight alongside to help save mutants and humans. These highly talented mutants were obsessed with their own feelings and emotions towards their own desires, which held them off from moving forward. In this essay, I will break down ways in which the X-men are both a functional and dysfunctional team. Dysfunctional was a great way to describe this team and its members. Only a few of the teammates held the team back. In the Marvel film, X-Men, the X-men all came together to stop Magneto from taking over the world with mutants. Each mutant on the X-Men had some animosity towards each other. Cyclops just didn’t like Wolverine, and Wolverine was also in love with Cyclops girlfriend, Jean. Atwell 2 It was a hatred some people sensed from Cyclops about…

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