The XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement System

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Introduction The XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System, a smart gun which is also known as "the punisher" or the airburst grenade launcher is a weapon which was derived from it's predecessor, the XM29 OICW. The weapon was fielded to the soldiers who were serving in the Afghanistan war as was projected to enter into full production and deployment in 2011 (Piper,2011). The fact the weapon increases the soldier's lethality is commendable (Kleiner,2009).Its manufacture is considered as the best news that has ever happened to the combat war ,XM-25 is considered to be the gun that will forever change the combat wars in Afghanistan and other areas. This is a weapon that has been famed for the ability to kill enemies hidden behind walls without necessarily bringing down the walls. In 2010, the army based in Afghanistan unveiled the prototype of this grenade launcher that is programmable and is considered to be 'smart'. It is a shoulder-fired weapon that uses the microchip in exploding ammunition as well as in targeting and killing the enemy. It is said that the only way to escape the wrath of this weapon is to be in and enclosed thick walled bunker. Features The XM25 has a counter defilade target engagement system that fires the 25 mm air-bursting shells to a range of up to 700 meters. This brings it closest to the grenade launcher. This range is definitely greater that most rifles that are used by the army in Afghanistan (Joshua Norman, 2010). The make is

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