The Xenophobia Of Costa Rica

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The Xenophobia of Nicaraguans in Costa Rica
Migrant labor is omnipresent in global supply chains that seek labor at a reduced cost. It is of no surprise that migrant labor is being used in coffee cooperatives and plantations in Costa Rica. When visiting Costa Rica we were able to visit numerous coffee plantations. Most of these plantations used migrant labor from Nicaragua, Panama, the regional indigenous population of the Guaymi, and even local Costa Ricans. The focus of this report will be on the Nicaraguan migrant labor due to my own personal experiences and notice of an almost demonization of the Nicaraguan people in some areas of Costa Rica, and ultimately how this could be harmful for Costa Rica in terms of business and economics.
History of Nicaraguan Migration to Costa Rica
It is estimated that Nicaraguans have been migrating to Costa Rica for at least 100 years (“Nicaragua’s”). At the end of the 19th century and during the beginning of the 20th century, Nicaraguans came to Costa Rica to work in banana plantations on the Caribbean coast and the mines in Abangares. In the 50’s, Nicaraguan seasonal migration satisfied labor on cotton plantations and by the mid-70’s, 50,000 Nicaraguans were registered in Costa Rica (“Nicaragua’s”). The 70’s also brought in an influx of Nicaraguans due to an increasing oppression from the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua. It was estimated that an additional 80,000 Nicaraguans went to Costa Rica while 200,000 went
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