The Year 1000 Research Paper

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The Year 1000

Health and diseases are very important factors of our life, but with the life expectancy of thirty-one in the eleventh and twelfth century why did they continue to live in such of a un hygienic ways? Of Course with non existent knowledge of hygiene the filth left by the human feces, it was the only detriment to their lives, but their faith seemed to have been more important than anything. Superstitions also had a role in this, it was believed that disease was a spread of bad odors. It was also believed that the diseases of the body were caused by the sins of the soul. Dating back to the medieval times, if you were to have a somewhat like demon soul, of course the logical thing to do at that time was trepanning. It was a form
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Piers Plowman declared, “ I must sustain myself till Lammas when I hope to have harvest in my barn, then I can have the kind of meal I like.” The activity involved the whole community. Left and right laborers were working every single hour of the month for the best meal they could possibly have. To assess the health of the people back then, modern archaeological experts studied excreta. They intensively rummaged through the latrine pit of ancient community’s. After the intensive research, they have found recurring gut infection and a diet with a high vegetable content are the reason why stomach bowels in the year 100 were significantly looser motion than they are today. Many people took it for granted that there bodies should provide hospitality for pests. There were inoffensive whipworm to the more threatening maw worm which could grow as long as 30 centimetres migrating through the body. Cemeteries dug up from corners of England revealing thirteen Anglo-Saxon skulls have been pierced with neatly drilled holes, and there was evidence of bone healing, which removes the possibility that trepanning wasn’t some type of sacrificial ritual. There are many more ancient medical practices in Bald’s Leechbook that can be proven as one of the most ridiculous ideas ever to the most useful tool
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