The Year Anniversary Of The Marriage Of Dr Karen Kurtis And Her Husband

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Today was the 2 year anniversary of the marriage of Dr Karen Kurtis and her husband, Phillip. In relation to this, they had invited all their close family and friends for a dinner party at ‘le Balmdois’,a 5 star Michelin restaurant, including Phillip’s business partner, Mr Brown, his wife and their 24 year old daughter, Shay Brown. Dr Kurtis and her husband only knew Mr and Mrs Brown on professional terms, so they didn’t usually invite them to parties however, when they did, the party was very extravagant and decadent. After Dr Kurtis and her husband had greeted everyone and all the guests were sat at the dinner table, Karen had remembered that she had left her anniversary gift for her husband in the boot of the car, so she excused herself…show more content…
After Karen saw him, he began telling her how much he loved her and that he could be nothing except despondent without her. He paused and brushed the wet hair from her face with one hand, scouring her features. Karen had a change of heart. She quickly unravelled his clothes into the closet and tidied all the mess in the house. She had decided that she was not going to expose her husband’s affair; rather she would make him suffer and she now made it her mission to locate this other woman.
After a few weeks of the hidden truth, Dr. Kurtis acted as though everything was normal. One day, whilst Karen and her colleague were discussing their patients issues during their break, Carrey explained how her patient had feelings of love and affection for a married man and that she may be pregnant with his baby. Karen asked Carrey for her name and it was of surprise that her name was Shay Brown. Karen then began having thoughts that it may be Shay who was the ‘other woman’ and so, she suggested exchanging each other’s patients as they both wanted a change. So, they bartered their patients and returned to their offices. After seeing Karen, Shay began acting apprehensively and within five minutes of her entrance, discomfiture had filled the room. Karen cut into the silence by asking Carrey about how she was feeling and how her health was. Carrey retorted declaring, ‘well, my health’s fine but it’s just that I throw up every time I eat’. She

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