The Year Is Not As Direct And Simple As It Seems

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Freshmen year is not as direct and simple as it seems. You must do what you need to in order to endure the freshman year. If you start to fool around in your first year of college, it might turn into a bad habit for the years to come. Therefore, guidelines can help throughout this phase. In order to survive the year, you must absorb some basic rules and try to stick with them for the next four years of college. You have to be equipped to do some work, but also have fun while you 're at it. What you learn during these four unforgettable years will most likely stay with you for the rest of your lives. I will simply advise you with what I myself was taught as well as offering useful tips that will make your adaptation to college easier.
The first piece advice given to me when I first entered college was to attend freshmen orientation. Freshmen orientation is to introduce students to the campus, the concept of college life, and living on their own. Orientation serves to organize incoming freshman into smaller, more manageable groups. It allows incoming freshman to become acquainted with other freshman, as well as living in residence halls and using the dining halls. It also provides incoming freshman an opportunity to make their schedules with help from advisors and Orientation staff. It also gives you a chance to get familiar with the campus and events that occur on campus. I found the orientation very helpful; it was very beneficial because I made a few friends and I…
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