The Year Is Not As Direct And Simple As It Seems

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Freshmen year is not as direct and simple as it seems. You must do what you need to in order to endure the freshman year. If you start to fool around in your first year of college, it might turn into a bad habit for the years to come. Therefore, guidelines can help throughout this phase. In order to survive the year, you must absorb some basic rules and try to stick with them for the next four years of college. You have to be equipped to do some work, but also have fun while you 're at it. What you learn during these four unforgettable years will most likely stay with you for the rest of your lives. I will simply advise you with what I myself was taught as well as offering useful tips that will make your adaptation to college easier.
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So, I recommend you to attend your schools freshmen orientation.
Furthermore, one piece of advice that may help is to study hard. This will be of help both in school and in life. The best way to pass a class is to know what the teacher is talking about. In that way, when studying the book, going over the notes will simply clarify any unclear points. Studying long and hard will also become a habit, which is a good habit to obtain. If you don 't study, then you will most likely just waste your time; that will make you lazy (not a good habit to have, once you get out there!) Build on good studying habits, such as reading and researching, for it will most certainly come in handy in the future.
A second piece of advice is to ask questions if you don 't know the answers. No one likes to look stupid but you won 't learn until you inquire. It is not asking questions that will make one look foolish, but not knowing the answer to a question does. This is definitely a smart idea if you don 't comprehend the homework. If you get homework, and take it home without knowing what to do, then how will you do it? So like I said before, if you don 't get what your teacher is saying, ask to find out.
Adjusting to college life can be highly difficult for students transitioning from high school. Remember that you’re not in high school anymore and that nobody cares what you were like in high school. It’s ok to take good
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