The Year Of 2013 And My Bowling Career

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It is the year of 2013 and my bowling career is starting to kick off. In that year, I bowled in a Saturday morning league that started in the late summer time and ended in early Spring. Approaching towards the last week of League, I received a letter in the mail stating that I have qualified for the Illinois State Bowling Tournament. Ever since I have bowled this league, I have made State every single year, but never performed as well as I should have. Hopefully, this will be the year that I make some scholarship money for my Bowling career when I go to Highland. It was edging toward the last few weeks of the league and now it was time to start making the teams for State. Since I attended Dakota High School, there was no bowling team…show more content…
Once we arrived to the hotel, our team went to the bowling alleys and watched the other kids bowl at the earlier squad times. Once we arrived, I have never seen a place more compact in my life. Just think, every individual bowler brought both of their parents and maybe a couple friends., it was a nightmare. We didn’t get to see much but the back of people’s heads so we went back to the hotel and swam in the pool and lied in our beds to watch some television to get a good night sleep for tomorrows matchup. During my sleep, I had a crazy dream. It was more of a series of flashbacks to league morning on Saturdays. But anyways, it started with me and my league team bowling back when I was a little kid. I remembered all of the greatest moments of my bowling career. All of the splits I have picked up, all of the people cheering for me, all the high games I’ve had was all coming back to me in this dream. The memories all led up to this moment to be cherished and to be never forgotten. I will never forget that dream. As soon as I woke up, I was the most energetic kid in the whole neighborhood. My parents would just look at me like I’m crazy but they were probably right, I was getting a little out of hand. Once I was showered and ready to go, my team met up before we headed out. We all grabbed some breakfast at McDonald’s which was my go-to as a little kid. It was always the same meal, Hotcakes and hash browns. But that’s beside the point. We arrived
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