The Year Of Aesthetics : Social Media Has Warped Our Perceptions Of What Really Is

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2016: the year of aesthetics. Social media has warped our perceptions of what really is, compared to what we see. It can hide the real view by only portraying the best, most eye-pleasing angles. However, more and more aesthetic trends are coming into play. With Millennials especially, the act of living simply, or minimally has gained popularity. People want to downscale their way of life, finding it over-complicated and not fulfilling enough. They have started branching away from the normal mindset of getting rich and living in an over-sized, state of the arc neighborhood homes. With how expensive education, housing and the cost of living has become, more and more are down-sizing their wants. From this comes The Tiny House Movement, the way of life that inhibits smaller living quarters. Tiny house living can benefit those who want to experience the freedom to pack up and go whenever, wherever; those who want to experience the financial freedom along with aesthetically pleasing designs. Tiny house living can help the environment by how small it is. In one way or another, everyone can benefit from choosing to live simply—minimally. What actually is a tiny house, or what is the Tiny House Movement? To put it simply, it is “a social movement where people are choosing to downsize the space they live in” (Mitchell). This is an alternative lifestyle choice that aims towards the minimalists. To qualify as a tiny house, it must be between 100 and 1000 square feet. However,

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