The Year Of Jubilee Be Like Having A Good Education

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How might the Year of Jubilee be like having a good education in today’s society? The Year of Jubilee is a time when all things in society are essentially erased, forgotten, or reset. Any debts that people may have are forgiven, the slate of all people is wiped clean of any wrongdoing, in other words, during this time, all people are placed on a level playing field. No one has a comparative advantage over anyone else. So, if we were to compare that the the education system in today’s society, it would essentially mean that everyone would receive the same amount and quality of education in order to promote this level playing field. If all people receive an equal education (and everyone had a comparable level of understanding), all people…show more content…
How were God’s intentions for the Hebrews radically counter-cultural? This new social structure that God desired for the Hebrews was unlike anything they had ever seen before and almost perfectly contradictory to the secular world of which they were accustomed to. The Hebrews struggled to follow in the ways that God desired for them because they kept wanting to revert back to the ways of the world in order to be like the other nations around them. What does Halteman say about the desire to be like others? This desire to be like others caused the Hebrews to stray away from God’s ideal social structure even though God’s structure was the more perfect one that promoted an efficient allocation of wealth and resources. This straying away from God becomes the main theme of the Bible as we read of many stories that involve God using various means from prophets and punishment to bring His people away from the customs of the world and back to His perfect will for the world. Halteman also stresses the need for a supporting community of faith in order to resist the ways of the secular world. List the five limitations that Judaism placed on economic activity? - Limitation on time for economic activities due to their obligation on the study of the Torah - The forbiddance of sale of goods
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