The Year Of My Grade School Education

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The years of my grade school education brings out the worst years of my learning experience. My schooling was full of teachers who doubted the students daily, administrators who thought they were better, and students who thought education ended with an high school diploma. In John Taylor Gatto’s “The Seven Lesson Schoolteacher” Gatto analyzes the school system that I have seen before my very eyes; a school system that without saying so, systemically sets children up to live under the law of the government. A system that trains children to obey and stay in the box that the system places them in. I attended Jr. high school at Sandtown middle in Atlanta Georgia, I don’t remember a teacher who was actually interested in teaching their…show more content…
Ms. Rouser and along with other teachers were angry that they spent years to get an education just to deal with kids for 8 hours a day and make a little amount of money with little resources to teach. Although these circumstances do not justify teachers shooting down students dreams. This gives me a better understanding on why teachers belittle the students into making them feel useless because they wanted us to end up just like them, unhappy. I attended Westlake high school in Atlanta, Georgia. In high school, everything was constantly changing. Classes changed every 45 minutes, teachers changed, subjects changed, and even the environment changed every single 45 minutes. This indifference that is showed in my high school is the same indifference that Gatto speaks of. The school system teaches children to not care about too much. When the bell rings this is suggesting that the things taught in class are not important showing that after the bell rings that no work is worth finishing. This mindset that nothing matters too much is totally opposite of the real world. Indifference is another drill that drills students in the opposite direction of the real world.
Up into college, students are told to ask for permission to use the restroom. In grade school I remember being told “no” to emptying out my bladder, something that is necessary and is unhealthy if held too long. This rule touches on one of Gatos “The Seven Lesson- Schoolteacher” which is is
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