The Year Of The Flood

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In Margaret Atwood’s novel The Year of the Flood, several saints are mentioned during Adam Ones speech for Pollination Day namely Saint Suryamani Bhagat of India, among so many others, because of her contributions to forest preservation (Atwood 276). Atwood may have chosen to incorporate Bhagat, an environmental activist, as a saint in her novel considering that The Gardeners had devoted this festival to the mysteries of plant reproduction, especially that of those wondrous trees, the angiosperms, with special emphasis upon the Drupes and the Pomaceous Fruits which matches with the work Bhagat has been undertaking to counter climate change(Atwood 276). Although more than half of Suryamani Bhagat’s life is still before her, extrapolating from her current and past deeds it can be anticipated that she will continue to stand as a servant of God due to her immense beliefs and rigorous efforts to combat deforestation for the welfare of the community; live a life of heroic virtue as she fights to preserve her culture and property rights of her people; remain praised and idolized in her community for her accomplishments and facilitate yet more miracles such as obligating the government to accept, honor and fulfil the demands of her tribe as well as facilitating the astonishing increment in female literacy in the area; for those reasons, in addition to the fact that Bhagat also mirrors the characteristics of the gardeners and shares a similar background story with Toby, Margret
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