The Years, And Midnight Cowboy Won Best Screenplay

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Midnight Cowboy, Network, and American Beauty have one thing in common, and it’s not that they were all Best Picture films; only Midnight Cowboy and American Beauty were. What these three films have in common, is their ability to stand out in the Best Screenplay race at the Academy Awards. American Beauty and Network both won Best Original Screenplay in their years, and Midnight Cowboy won Best Adapted Screenplay. These films are still widely talked about, not only because they won these awards, but because their screenplays are strong enough to stand on their own. Each of these screenplays were able to introduce their audiences to unique characters, taboo themes, and stories that crossed the boundaries of their time. In my opinion, what makes a film special is the screenplay, and even more than that, what makes a screenplay is its ability to have a second agenda while telling an intriguing a story. In other words, if a screenplay can do something more than just stand for entertainment value - if it has a message that makes its audience think or opens their eyes to a lifestyle or idea unbeknownst to them, or at the very least, teaches them something without being preachy- it has the makings of a good screenplay. If the film, that has a message, is also very intriguing and entertaining, it will stand out amongst the rest. This is why I believe Midnight Cowboy, Network, and American Beauty won the awards that they won. It was not just because they had great directors, actors,

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