The Years Of Civil Rights Movement

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Emmet Till
1955 – 1968, the years of Civil Rights Movement, were chock-full of not only racism and discrimination, but also violence. Though these vicious attacks against the Blacks didn’t stop them from fighting back, valuing their, and the other Blacks’, freedom and equality more than their own lives. I have to admit that this is a TRUE act of bravery, and an example of the evil the human race is capable of, something I wish wasn’t true. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Andrew Goodman and innumerable others played immense roles in the horrific 14 years that followed. One such person was Emmet Till, a fourteen year old boy from Chicago, Illinois, who only lived through a year or so of the Movement, but he played a very crucial role in bringing attention to the beginning atrocity.
July 25, 1941 marks the birth of the only child of Louis and Mamie Till, Emmet Louis Till, in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Emmet’s father served in the American Army as a Private during the Second World War, so he never saw much of his dad. But a year after Emmet was born, his parents divorced, and three years later they received the news that Louis was executed for persistent misconduct, whilst serving in Italy. His mother, on the other hand was a marvelous woman. Although she faced judgement and social limitations because of her race, she overcame them all and excelled not only academically, but also professionally. As she raised Emmet as a single mother, she was forced to work…
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