The Yellow Birds By Kevin Powers

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Athletes train for countless hours in hopes to help their teams win games, but sometimes they can’t always come out on top. Students put in long hours studying for tests attempting to earn a good grade. There are times where that effort is rewarded with a poor grade. Gifts are bought with the idea that whoever is receiving the present is going to love it, but the buyer realizes that they messed up because the gift is absolutely hated. These are examples of instances where people were trying to do good things but ultimately failed. In the novel, The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers you see characters that have the intent to do good, but come up short and fail. Everybody has instances throughout their lives where they will try extremely hard, but fail in the end. A lot of these instances may even be just the smallest things, but when they happen it is never a good feeling. You will get feelings of disappointment, and anger, but the problems that occur in Kevin Power’s book are much more than that. The book The Yellow Birds is a fictional story, but the thing that makes it so good is that the author was in the war himself. Even though this great story is made up, Kevin Powers definitely had an advantage on explaining how powerful the war really was on people. What was written in the book could be very similar to things he had experienced himself while he served our country. Just by reading his fight scenes he had written about, you can tell he knew what he was talking about
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