The Yellow Emperor's Classic And The Pulse Classic

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Pulse The pulse has been used since ancient times to aid Traditional Chinese practitioners in diagnoses Since then, pulse taking has not changed significantly. It was first written about in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic and from there pulse became, and have remained, a standard part of patient care because it gives so much information about the pulse.. The pulse shows the patient’s current qi, blood, and temperature in certain organs which is valuable in differential diagnosis. (yec page 45) All this information and more is in the ancient chinese texts the Yellow Emperor’s Classic and The Pulse classic. History In Ancient China the Emperor would find the best physician and make that person the emperor 's personal physician. The Royal Physician would serve the Emperor, his family, and counsel the Emperor if requested. This was how the Yellow Emperor’s Classic was composed. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic was written by the Emperor Huangdi (or Huang ti depending on the source) as a conversation between himself and his physician, Ch’i Po (or Qi Bo(tpc page 6)). The Emperor asked questions about health and medicine and his physician answered. Since the Emperor asked about pulse, that makes the it first book to discuss the pulse as it relates to Traditional Chinese Medicine. (yec p99-252) It is suspected that the book may not have actually been written by the Emperor, but another person sometime between the Chou and the Han dynasty. It seems unlikely that the Emperor would
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